Zoo Fun


We took advantage of our day with no commitments yesterday and went to the zoo!  We haven’t been to the zoo in a long time and it was a good outing for all of us.  Rudy was definitely more aware of and interested in the animals this visit which made for a lot of laughs…


We saw funny elephants…


…pooping lions…


…and giraffe’s going pee-pee…




We also saw the very rare and elusive North American iguanicats!!…


…and finished off our visit with a train ride…


Train selfie.

Our spring break has gotten off to a good start…simple moments made extraordinary by the people with whom they are shared.




4 Responses to “Zoo Fun”

  1. Oma Says:

    Wish i was with you

  2. Grace Niklasson VanNortwick Says:

    I went to the zoo today too! I see you saw giraffes too! How fun! Lovin’ the memories you make! Hugs to Rudy!

  3. Lin. Says:

    ….just another incredible day in the life of the best family in the world that makes my heart….S I N G !

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