Fairy Godmother…plus one :)


Rudy was pretty lost without the big sibs last week which made a visit from his godmother and her daughter especially fun!  Grace and C.C. arrived late Wednesday night and Rudy was in heaven demanding their undivided attention.  He had had a bit of an episode the day before which spooked me enough to warrant a trip to the ER.  His symptoms were such that I thought he was having a stroke but he perked up with additional O2 while in the ER and a specific cause could not be determined.  We came home and laid low the rest of the day…a visit from Grace and C.C. was a healthy distraction for us both.

Fun at the harbor!

Fun at the harbor!

Cuddle time with Grace.

Cuddle time with Grace.

C.C. is a talented young artist (you may remember her “Rudy’s Heart” painting  from couple of years ago) and planned ahead to do a painting project with Rudy. She drew one of Rudy’s favorite objects and they painted it together…can you guess what it is?

Craft time with C.C.

Craft time with C.C.

Masters at work.

Masters at work.


Tah dah!

Tah dah!  “Rudy’s Robot”

The big kids made it home from camp on Friday and enjoyed a couple of days with Grace and C.C. too.  We didn’t hear from the kids while they were on the mountain (no cell service) so we were especially excited to catch this little glimpse into their fun…the boys serenaded Olivia with an original parody of Ed Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud”…LOVE IT!!!

Things are a little slower this next week which is nice…the kids all came home with colds from camp and are in need of a little rest.  It’s hard to believe August is here already!  Happy August dear ones…

super fun times!

super fun times!


2 Responses to “Fairy Godmother…plus one :)”

  1. pastordt Says:

    That serenade is to die for! Must be nice to have big brothers — I only had little ones. And now I only have one. Good thing he’s terrific. 🙂

  2. grace and marlin Says:

    Pizza- head here (Rudy’s pet name for me!)….love that serenade too! Livy is one lucky girl to have big bros who are on a lookout for their sweetheart sister! Truly the best days of our summer! Love you guys so much!!!

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