School Pictures 2014


One of my favorite things about the fall season is the official school picture portrait!!! There’s just something about getting that envelope full of pictures sent home from school that excites me…it marks another milestone in the lives of our kids and marks the passage of time on our fireplace mantel. We have a lot of gorgeous photographs of our kids that I cherish…everything from the silly candid shot to the artistic (mostly thanks to Greg Lawler! Ha) but the quirky, slightly awkward school pictures we’ve collected over the years are favorites as well! I guess it’s more about the subjects than the pictures themselves 😉

This year we get to add Rudy’s first school picture portrait to the mantel! A kindergarten picture that is fast becoming a family favorite complete with an oxygen tube impression on his face , a clip-on tie that’s too heavy for his shirt and a slightly crooked, happy smile that brightens up his whole face!!! Priceless!! I LOVE IT! I love these pics…I love these kids!!

Happy Fall Everybody!

Kindergarten 2014-2015

Kindergarten 2014-2015

7th Grade 2014-2015

7th Grade 2014-2015

10th Grade 2014-2015

10th Grade 2014-2015

Senior - Class of 2015

Senior – Class of 2015

Here’s a look back at the big kids’ Kindergarten school pics…

Olivia 2007

Olivia 2007

Max 2004

Max 2004

Wilson 2002

Wilson 2002



8 Responses to “School Pictures 2014”

  1. Kelly Says:

    That’s a good looking crew there!

  2. Judy Salkeld Says:

    What a handsome and beautiful bunch!

  3. Grandma Jo Says:

    OMG !!! How fun to receive these pictures !! They will certainly add “zest” to my wall of grandkids pictures !! Dick’s Trophy Room is impressive, but the Grandkids Wall in the den shows the best trophies ever. !!!! Tours available any time!

  4. Jantina Says:

    Love these photos. How time really does seem to fly. Thanks for sharing.

  5. pastordt Says:

    I LOVE these (especially the first and the last – but they’re all terrific!) Thanks, Trish.

  6. laura duckworth Says:

    Such good looking kids! We sure miss your fam!

  7. Jen Z Says:

    Yikes Wilson! From Kindergarten to Homecoming stud! What a difference a decade makes! 🙂

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