A Special Delivery


Grandma Jo, Rudy and I drove to Palmdale today to watch Olivia play in a soccer tournament and when we returned this evening, I discovered a large package on the front porch with a note addressed to Rudy.  I opened it to find this amazing painting…



The note was from one of Olivia’s Girl Scout sisters and her dad (who paints!) and the note read in part:  “Dear Rudy, We are glad you had a fun time at Disney World.  We saw your picture in the newspaper.  I especially liked the one where you were signaling a touchdown…the happiest I have ever seen anyone.  Your picture reminded me of a boy on a swing so I used my imagination to paint a picture of you on a swing with Disney pals…”.  Oh my goodness!  What a gift…what a fun creative expression!!  A new treasure for us indeed!  Thank you, thank you dear friends…

…this certainly is a special end to a special day…

Rudy ready to cheer for the "Santa Barbarians"!!!!!

Rudy ready to cheer for the “Santa Barbarians”!!!!!


Thanks to Rachel and Olivia, Rudy got a taste of the soccer action in between two nail biting wins for the Barbarians!

Thanks to Olivia and her teammate Rachel, Rudy got a taste of the soccer action in between two nail biting wins for the Barbarians!

Rudy stopped 'em all!

Rudy stopped ’em all!

Soaking up all that is rich!





5 Responses to “A Special Delivery”

  1. Joyce Says:

    Beautiful painting. One of those “priceless” moments. Rudy has affected so many people, some even unknown to you.

  2. Oma+Opa Says:

    What a wonderful joyful painting.
    Sorry, we took Rolf away from the moment and the great soccer wins.
    Go, Olivia, go !!!!! We ARE enjoying Rolf’s company . Thank you Trish for keeping the homefront going !!!

  3. Trish Says:

    The picture is AWESOME!!!!!!! It counldn’t have been better!

  4. Grace and Marlin Says:

    Amazing painting!!! Loving all the life Rudy enjoys every week with his FUN siblings!

  5. Candy Ballard Says:

    When Rudy was born, my sister, Shari Herzog sent me your blog and I have been following Rudy’s journey ever since. I feel as though I know every one of you and your family is very dear to me even though we have never met.
    Rudy is amazing and such a little miracle and his loving mommy, daddy, sister and brothers are also a reason that he is growing, learning and blossoming! God’s hand is on Rudy and all of you. His plan is perfect and I love watching how it is being played out!
    Thank you for letting me follow you all and Blessings to each and every one of you!
    Candy Ballard
    Modesto, California

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