Olivia in the Double-Digits!!


Our sweet girl was born 10 years ago this very hour and we’ve had a fun weekend celebrating her…it started yesterday at her very first soccer game which included her very first goal (so fun), Grandma Jo flew in from Kansas a little later to surprise Olivia for her birthday ( & will stay for a nice, two week visit), and today was filled with all of Livy’s choices…lunch at Freebirds, swimming with brothers in the afternoon, geocaching with Dad at Lake Los Carneros and, finally, an ice cream dessert at Coldstone this evening!  Birthdays have always been pretty special days in our household but, I must say, the birthdays of ALL the kids are even sweeter to this Mama’s heart since Rudy came along and put life into even greater perspective for us.  Happy Double-Digits Big Girl…you are a true gift to us all!



Olivia’s big push toward the goal!



Lunch at Freebirds with Grandma Jo



Swimming with brothers



Geocaching with Dad


12 Responses to “Olivia in the Double-Digits!!”

  1. Joyce Says:

    What a fun day for a Double Digit Sweetie! Happy Birthday, Miss Olivia. You look so professional making that goal. I am so glad Grandma Jo can be with you and so happy to see the little princess enjoy her brothers so much. Such a special family celebration!

  2. cici Says:

    Happy Birthday sweet girl. You are beautiful inside and out just like your mama

  3. Andrea Simmons Says:

    Happy Birthday Olivia!!!

  4. Doug Says:

    Happy Birthday! Our Elijah turned 4 yesterday and we did the Cold Stone thing too! How fun! Great memories.

  5. Uncle Steve Says:

    Happy birthday to my favorite California Surfer Girl (now soccer player extraordinaire!)

  6. Bonnie Lisama Says:

    ~ Happy Birthday! Glad you had a great weekend. ~

  7. oma+opa Says:

    Congrats on that goal, Livy. well, yes, and on your Birthday too!!

  8. Kris Says:

    Happy Decade Livvy! You are a multi-talented person! Does this mean you get your first pocket knife and have to do your own laundry?? Love, Kris

  9. Ginny Says:

    Happy Happy DD Livvy. My…where has the time gone? This post put an exceptionally huge smile on my face. All the pictures were priceless. Your Mom rocks big time. Love and hugs to all of you and especially to the birthday girl.

  10. Jen and Joe Says:

    Happy Birthday Olivia! We meant to call on your special day but spaced out. So happy we got to see you last week! Thanks for the sweet card! 🙂

  11. Joann Saraceno Says:

    Happy Birthday Olivia…. yeah!!!! Okay, What’s geocatching? Is Olivia a rock hound? Let me know. Jo

  12. Kaitlin Says:

    Happy Birthday big girl!

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