Sweet pic…


I love this boy!


9 Responses to “Sweet pic…”

  1. iheartlogan Says:

    Me too!!! Awesome picture

  2. cici Says:


  3. Aunt Cora Says:

    I want a hug from him!!!

  4. Joyce Says:

    I agree with all of the above, but especially with Aunt Cora. He is a cute little guy and not hard to love with all the rest of your wonderful family. I know you had a wonderful Mother’s Day with your fine family!

  5. Ginny Craven Says:

    SO DO I


  6. Katy eusebio Says:

    and looks like such a big boy now in the face…happy mother’s day Trish

  7. Deni Sutherland Says:

    Happy Mother’s Day, Trish! If I knew where to nominate you for mother of the century, I would. And you would win…..hands down/no contest!

    Love (& prayers, always) to you and the entire Geyling clan!



  8. Nate Feldmeth Says:

    Sweet pic

  9. Betty Bagdasarian Says:

    Dear Trish—–love the mother/son warmth and obvious affection.
    Love Betty and MIke B

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