Happy Birthday : Part 1


Rudy spent the first half of his third birthday at the historic Dos Pueblos ranch to help set up for today’s big SBRM event! The predicted rain is no where in sight and it’s gorgeous! PTL!!!

Rudy already got a trike for his bday but I can’t resist bidding on this reading tee pee at the silent auction! Toooooo cuuuuute! Sent from my iPhone


4 Responses to “Happy Birthday : Part 1”

  1. Kendra Says:

    Happy birthday of 3 blessed years with the little warrior. A teepee only makes sense for the sitting Chief!!

  2. Joyce Says:

    Happy Birthday, my precious little man! I know there will be no lack of celebration in the Geyling household and it is well deserved for all. I am so glad that you entered my life three years ago. Best wishes and thanking Jesus for all the light you share.

  3. Auburn Tigers Says:

    Happy day little man!! we were thinking of you all day. Opa and Oma send their best too!

  4. Bonnie Lisama Says:

    Happy Birthday Rudy! Sending you much love and many birthday higs and kisses from our family. Wish we could be at your walk with you! maybe next year. XXOO

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