We have thoroughly read and understand our discharge instructions.


Rudy wanted to ask for a Turkish interpreter but that would have required a longer wait. We’re out of here!


10 Responses to “We have thoroughly read and understand our discharge instructions.”

  1. Oma+Opa Says:

    Glad Rudy has a grip on the discharge papers, and can interprate for you.
    Safe trip home!!!! Blessings to all, hope Max is on the mend too.

  2. Pat's Place Says:

    So glad your visit in the hospital was quick and relatively uneventful. Thanks for keeping us posted.

  3. cici Says:

    It’s the fine print that gets you everytime.
    Stay Healthy Rudy! xoxo

  4. Andrea Says:

    Way to go Rudy! That’s what I do with ours. I don’t want instructions, I just want OUT OF THERE!

  5. Uncle Steve Says:

    Hey, Rudy, you should have called me, I can talk Turkey with you!

    Glad you had a successful (in more ways than one) visit to UCLA! Say HI to all your sibs and your Momma when you get home!

    Love you!!

  6. Grandma Jo Says:

    Seeing the pictures of Rudy “reading” the discharge papers reminded me…Remember our visit to your home in Glendale when I walked into the living room to find Wilson (probably 7 at the time) reading the L.A. Sunday paper! Maybe Rudy is following in Wilson’s footsteps. Precious guys!! and precious memories. Thanks, Rolf and Trish for having such beautiful and smart kids….sure makes being a grandparent a lot of fun. Get prepared, Rolf, the mother-in-law is visiting again! See you all soon.

  7. Emily Says:

    So glad you are going home! Yeah!!!

  8. Joyce Says:

    So sorry to have missed you this visit. Hope to see you on a future visit. Glad it was short (sorta) and sweet. I miss you, Rudy.

  9. Trish Says:

    This comment is from Olivia:

    Eventhough Rudy was gone, it seems he was still his same, silly self at the hospital! 🙂

  10. Kaitlin Says:

    Good to have a future medical lawyer in the house…Even if he needs Turkish interpreters to help him in the begining. He’ll get the hang of it.

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