Happy Valentine’s Day 2011


On this special “day of love”, we send  OUR love to all of you – our dear family and friends who are sharing this journey with us!!  Rudy’s life could be defined by his heart defect and limitations but  those who know him personally or through Rudy’s Beat know that truly his life is defined by LOVE!  How deeply blessed Rudy is to have you in his life…and we’re pretty doggone blessed to!!

We Love You!!! Happy Valentine's Day!

 As is tradition in our household, the singing of “Will You Be My Valentine?” was in full swing last night and this morning.  You may recall when we introduced you  to this little holiday diddy back in 2009.  Well, the kids produced a remix for this year’s enjoyment!



13 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day 2011”

  1. Bonnie Lisama Says:

    Happy valentines to you all and a big Hug to Rudy! Praying for your sweet family always. XXXOOO

  2. Doug and Maria Doherty Says:

    Great remix!!!! Happy Valentines Day to you all as well!!! Our prayers are with you and your family today and everyday!!!!
    Doug, Maria, Bryan, Autumn, Sapphire and Caleb!!!!!

  3. cici Says:

    Big Valentine hug for all of you and a second one for little Rudy 🙂

  4. Joann Saraceno Says:

    Yes, I will be your valentine, absolutely! Rock on, kids…. God bless.

  5. Michele Says:

    Oh yes, I’ll be all your valentine! We sure do love seeing the way the Geyling sprouts grow!
    xoxox Michele and Bob

    And also plus Earl.

  6. Joyce Says:

    Absolutely! Best invitation I got all day and with a wonderful photo to match. Thanks for asking and sharing. And by the way, back at ya’ Geylings;-)

  7. Marit DiRado Says:

    Nice–more rock ‘n roll, please!!!!

  8. kim Says:

    i like Livy’s “hand off the shoulder Max. HAND OFF THE SHOULDER MAX!” shrug. full of love. 🙂 and i love that your kids are part Partridge Family. 🙂

  9. Robbie Zeller Says:

    You all are makin’ my day real special! Love you guys and Happiest day to you!

  10. Uncle Steve Says:

    Way to Rock the Jayhawk t-shirt Max! Too bad their perch atop the AP poll will be so short-lived thanks to those pesky Wildcats from Manhattan!!

    Love you all!!

  11. Emily Says:

    So sweet and then rocking out!!! Loved the song

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