The bride better bring her A game if she wants to outshine the flower girl!



15 Responses to “The bride better bring her A game if she wants to outshine the flower girl!”

  1. The Nelsons Says:

    Who’s getting married??? You leave us with great anticipation =)

  2. cici Says:


  3. Emily Says:

    Beautiful and soooo ladylike!

  4. Grace VanNortwick Says:

    Who got married??? Wow! your kids are stunning!

  5. Grandma Jo Says:

    Kristina and Adam had to be pleased with your performance–what a beauty, Livy. Hope you and the boys had fun participating.

  6. Linda Hamilton Says:

    wow!! these kids definitely have the good-looking genes! and a lot of other “good-xxxx” ones as well


  7. Donna Woolard Says:

    The kids always bring a smile to my face….soo adorable, beautiful smiles, just so special. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Uncle Steve Says:

    Olivia, you are absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L! I bet you gave even the bride a run for the beauty trophy!

    Love you! Uncle Steve

  9. Kaitlin Says:

    Chck fight! Bride against flower girl! The flower girl stole the groom! Why do girls always get the best genes when it comes to looks?

  10. Kaitlin Says:

    That was supposed to be ‘Chick’.

  11. Lisa Says:

    What a great set of pictures of your older kids! They are just adorable and I’m sure they added a lot to the ceremony. I’m praying you all had a great weekend there at this special wedding!

  12. Janet Wright Says:

    What a charmer she is! And your sons are so dashing!

  13. Joyce Says:

    The children are all so beautiful. Prooves you can dress them up; and it looks like you can take them places as well!

  14. kelly Says:

    That’s a good looking crew right there! Olivia looks so grown up and beautiful.

  15. Diana Cable Says:

    snowed in; catching up on what has been going on……….much sickness in Ct., 400 students out with stomach virus, etc. out of 900 in High School…..strep and everything else going around……..but we sure do understand Nothing is Routine with HLHS people……..hang ing in as you always do with God’s help and the Love and Support of others……I also Love the song and Words you sang at the wedding. prayers to ALL from Ct., Nick’s Grandma

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