Your day’s about to get a whole lot better…



Worked for me!


32 Responses to “Your day’s about to get a whole lot better…”

  1. Rachel Treu Says:

    oh my goshhhh i just teared up a little bit. WHAT A CUTIE! lovin that laugh.

  2. Greg Lawler Says:


  3. Becky Fredrickson Says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing…Rolf you’re crazy and Rudy you just brightened my day!

  4. steve K Says:


    Staff meetings at SBRM much be a hoot!

  5. Marit Says:

    Wow! Too funny! Rudy has the best laugh–I love when he pushes Rolf over so he actually falls down. What a guy!!

  6. Emily Says:

    Can’t believe this is the little guy that just got his voice a few months ago!!!

  7. The Mannings Says:

    Love it! What a great laugh!!!

  8. Joyce Says:

    ABSOTIVELY! What a delight to hear that marvelous voice!

  9. Kaitlin Says:

    We can never get the vidoes to work on Rudy’s Beat, I have no idea what everybody’s talking about here.

  10. Diana Says:

    You were absolutely right – it DID make my day! Thanks so much – what fun. Did you have music with this? ‘Cuz when I hit play, I got some pretty heavy duty piano drama…

  11. Teresa Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!

  12. Michael Says:

    “Laugh Rudy Laugh”

  13. Renee Curtis Says:

    How right you are!! Loved this!

  14. Kerry Tylenda-Emmons Says:


  15. Victoria Nelson Says:

    just got home and saw this. yep. totally made my day better.
    i love seeing rolf be so silly – makes me feel better about justin 😉
    still rockin the rudy swag, and have rudy’s picture up on moriah’s wall.
    thanks for putting the smile on my face!

  16. Donna Woolard Says:

    Mad my day too! Sooo adorable.

  17. Teresa Thornburgh Says:

    THANKS Rudy. You’re a pretty funny little guy and you made me feel soooo much better. Thanks, bubs.

  18. kim Says:

    that is beautiful. 🙂

  19. Robbie Zeller Says:

    Jerry and I couldn’t stop laughing. You two boys are precious!

  20. Marlin and Grace Says:

    Now that laugh sounds like a Trish laugh… can you be a Geyling without a bit belly laugh?? You could see him beginning to form sounds with his lips!!! Lovin’ the joy!!!

  21. cici Says:

    Thanks I needed that! 😉

  22. Lisa Richards Says:

    Awesome! Thanks Rudy!!!

  23. Uncle Alex Says:

    That is great! It is so wonderful to see how far Rudy has come in 2 years!

  24. Jim Williams Says:

    LOVE THIS! Thank you, Rudy, for making my day!

  25. Nancy Naretto Says:

    Made my day!

  26. Nan & Dick Says:

    For sure! Got to figgure out how to keep this going.

  27. Pat Says:

    What a treat! Thanks 🙂

  28. Tanya Obregon Says:

    The two “P’s”: PRECIOUS & PRICELESS!!!! LOVE IT!

  29. Diana Cable Says:

    love it; Dad put a smile on my face also and Rudy warmed my heart……the strange thing was I just put on my heart you made. While in the grocery store the other day, talking to the lady in front of me(I know) the cashier said…”strange, you both have the same necklace on”…..told her not strange, we are connected…”my grandson has HLHS and her son has HLHS, and yes, we live in the same town” Nick’s Grandma

  30. Ann Says:

    Love it! So glad to see how wonderful the walk was too!
    Glad Grandma Jo was there for it!!

  31. Kaitlin Says:

    I saw it on Oma’s computer, soooooo cute!!! =:)

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