Father’s Day 2010



Father’s Day was a special day for a couple of reasons…not only did we celebrate a really great dad but we also took Rudy to his first movie and not just ANY movie but a drive-in double feature!!!  For the record, Rudy’s first movie experience included Toy Story 3 and the new Karate Kid movie.  Toy Story 3 was so cute and had an ending that made me cry!  I can’t comment on The Karate Kid as I fell asleep…in fact, I think Wilson was the only one who made it through the whole thing!! Ha Ha  We were crazy partiers staying out until 1:30am (and we all paid for it the next day) but it was fun and memorable.  Rudy was a star.  He beamed and did his “happy kick”  throughout all the pre-show activity and fell asleep in his Daddy’s arms pretty soon after the first movie started…right on que.   Although he slept through most of the evening, I think he was thrilled knowing he was part of the party…

Tailgate movie party complete with snack table and presents!

Rudy's view of the screen....

Rudy likes the drive-in scene!

Here’s to another “first” in Rudy’s journey…


7 Responses to “Father’s Day 2010”

  1. Diana Cable Says:

    great, they don’t let you tailgate in Conn., looks like a great time for all…….even tired…….Nick’s Grandma

  2. Pat Says:

    My goodness–all of your children are looking so grown up–even Rudy! What a nice experience for him.

  3. Bobby and Marilyn Clinton Says:

    Thanks for putting our new email address on Rudy’s list. Looks like you guys had a good time.
    I think I will take Ben to see Karate Kid.
    Bobby Clinton

  4. Teresa Says:

    Hey, I cried like a fiend at the end of Toy Story…you’re not alone Trish! ❤

  5. Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick, Says:

    Are drive-in movies making a comeback or did the Kansas wind just destroy all of those we used to attend? Still just as much fun, it seems to me. Gma Jo

  6. Astrid & Wolfgang Says:

    Looks like you had a little nicer & warmer weather as last time watching “Shrek 4” ;–)
    It’s so much fun to look at the pictures of you and the kids (even more after our recent visit) and Rudy sure looks good!!
    Thinking of you a lot,
    Yours Astrid & Wolfgang

  7. Grace and Marlin Says:

    There’s nothing like family date night! Rudy is rich in love and good memories…

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