An award winning work of art!


Greg Lawler was an award winner in Specialty Color Services’ Annual Photo Contest.  Greg is a good friend, generous soul and talented photographer.  I’m not saying he doesn’t have a lovely wife and very cute kids, but pictures he takes of them don’t seem to win any awards.  It takes subjects like this to make that happen.

Congratulations, Greg…and YOU’RE WELCOME!!  🙂


11 Responses to “An award winning work of art!”

  1. kelly Says:

    Yeah, Greg had some awesome talent to work with. Congratulations to you all. What a beautiful photograph. Love you guys!

  2. Grandma Jo Says:

    What a beautiful picture.of my daughter and grandson. Love Ya, Dad

  3. Grandma Jo or Grandpa Dick Says:

    Precious..Thank you, Greg! This is one we all treasure…….

    Grandma Jo

  4. Terilynn Daly (Rebecca Wilson's dear dear friend) Says:

    This is God’s essence. There is nothing holier or more beautiful than the love of a beloved mother ministering and recieving the love of her beloved, suffering son…..our precious Lord and his beloved Mother know this scene well.
    God Bless you both….my heart and prayers are with you.

    I have walked this road… is full of tears, joy and the unending love of our Most Holy Father in heaven.

  5. Rich and Natalie Says:

    Not sure how to respond to the Viagra disclosure..but…the video clips were great! Max, what talent on the guitar! Wil, amazing harmony! Olivia, you add the looks! And, Rudy, way to go with those spoons!

    A truly talented, special family! We love you!

  6. Donna Woolard Says:

    Absolutely a favorite. Filled with love!

  7. Dawn Bettencourt Says:

    nice way to start my day, thanks, Nick’s Grandma

  8. Grace VanNortwick Says:

    The subjects DO have a magnetic quality about them!! very cool.

  9. Ann Hovenden Says:

    Yay! Go Trish and Rudy! Oh and I guess Greg helped too! Beautiful photo!

  10. aunt cora Says:

    Heather is thrilled that her blankie is award winning too! Sweet!

  11. Something to squawk about! « Rudy’s Beat Says:

    […] By Rolf This is way overdue, but long-time readers might remember that Rudy was an award-winning photo subject.  In addition to what I’m sure was an obscene amount of cash and world-wide acclaim, Greg […]

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