Happy Valentine’s Day 2010


It’s certainly hard to top last year’s Valentine greetings but we’re going to try with our version of “Lean On Me”.  Given all the “leaning” we’ve been doing the past 18 months, we’re eager to return the favor…”so just call on us, brother (and sister) when you need a friend.  We all need somebody to lean on.  🙂

Happy Valentine’s Day!!

P.S. A BIG thank you to everyone who ordered a “Rudy’s Heart” pendant!  Together we raised an initial gift of over $500.00 for Camp del Corazon!  Whoo-Hoo!!


12 Responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day 2010”

  1. Bonnie Lisama Says:

    Happy Valentines day! Loved the video. Hugs and kisses to you all. Praying for Rudy’s lungs and heart, and the whole family as always.

  2. Dawn Bettencourt Says:

    how true, love that song. Nick’s Grandma

  3. Grace VanNortwick Says:

    That was AWESOME!!!!! Two-part harmony and good jams!!! Looks like Rudy was waving his sticks to the beat too!!! Happy Valentines to all you sweethearts!

  4. Rebecca Wilson Says:

    The Geyling kids ROCK!

  5. Carol Krehbiel Says:

    It doesn’t get any better than that! Happy Valentine’s Day and blessings to all!

  6. Ann & Curt Dokken Says:

    That was GREAT!!!! Happy Valentines to you!
    God loves you and so do we!!

  7. Dieter (Donhoffer) Says:

    HI! I am impressed by the professional band you have there! Great video! We are also happy to see Rudy being so active! Love, Astrid and Dieter.

  8. Grandma Jo Says:

    Good jammin’ kids, we loved it. So good to see Rudy taking his part, too. Livy we need to get you a tambourine. Keep smiling. We love you.

  9. Grandma Jo Says:

    Way to go, kids! Good jammin’ Livy where is your tambourine? Love you all……………………from snowy, cold Kansas.

  10. Mom (Teresa) Says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaay better than the Partridge Family! Thanks for sharing, and great (not to mention spot on!) harmonies…no pitchy-ness in this family! Loved Rudy pumping iron, too.

  11. Janet Schafer Says:

    Praying each and every day for your little fella. Janet Schafer, Chesapeake, Va

  12. Happy Valentine’s Day « Rudy’s Beat Says:

    […] to this year’s Valentine greeting from our kids.  One favorite family tradition (remember this and this).  Submitted for your […]

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