Christmas Eve 2009


Rudy’s first Christmas Eve at home started off with a morning visit with our friends at Bethel House…donuts, a vicious game of “Christmas Basket”, ornament crafts and Christmas carols…we couldn’t have fit anything else in!!!! 

A morning full of fun...

We were home long enough for the boys to take care of the chickens they are sitting for vacationing neighbors and for a surprise visit from Nurse Aliza and her family in Santa Barbara for the day…such a fun treat!! 

Next, we were off to the candlelight service at church that included “O Holy Night” and a little time with Rayme, Brett and Emma…Rudy liked his snuggle time with Rayme.

Big hugs from Rayme and smiles from Brett...


We were blessed to be with the Elliotts but there was no doubt that Logan was profoundly missed...


Our day ended at home with beef stew, Martinellis and a favorite Christmas movie. 

Blessed to be home but missing family far away...

The last we checked on the NORAD website, Santa was in Boise, Idaho…it’s time we went off to bed before Santa arrives…Rudy beat us to it…

Sleep tight, little man


7 Responses to “Christmas Eve 2009”

  1. Dawn Bettencourt Says:

    thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas to all and a good 2010, Nick’s Grandma

  2. Grace VanNortwick Says:

    Our Christmas Day was warmed by your post….and our table looks delightful with special hand-made napkin holders….and a beautiful chime on our front porch! You light up our lives, Bearers of the Light!

  3. Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick Says:

    Christmas Night 2009….Kansas is in the throes of a huge winter storm which we are told is the most severe one since the 1980’s. We are grateful for a cozy warm home and great neighbors. One plowed out our driveway. Another neighbor brought homemade cinnamon rolls and homemade salsa to us. Another brought some great smelling spray (to make the house so odorific) and a bright red kitchen towel to make our abode very festive. Love this neighborhood! Snow is blowing and drifting so we chose to stay home rather than risk the icy roads to get to to Steve’s in Overland Park. So nice to talk with all of you by phone. Love to all…………….

  4. aunt cora Says:

    Missing you, but enjoying your presence in many ways due to your usual thoughtfulness. Today we will tackle the tree cables 🙂 make a last trip to the creek, find all our goodies under the couches, and load up the sleigh to return to Dixie. Loving you all the way….

  5. Lisa Says:

    Merry Christmas and load of love and blessings to the Geylings of Goleta! The Borkovich Bunch

  6. Logan, Emma, Kaelee, Brett and Rayme Says:

    I don’t think you guys can be any more special to us!!! I love the singing and I think I saw Rudy trying to clap for you as well! It was so great to be able to spend Christmas eve with you all. I loved battling Max to hold Rudy…not really I was just being selfish. Ill make it up to Max when we see you guys again. I also think Wilson might be ready for a test run with the straightner? Let’s do it soon. Maybe rent a football movie for the boys and we can play dress up! I’ll do “girl”s make up and you too!! the guys won’t know what hit them!! See you all soon! Love you all!! Go Rudy Go! and by the way my arms were killing me…I didn’t realize how heavy he really is! xoxo

  7. Marian Naretto Says:

    Wonderful pictures. Continued blessings to the Geyling family in 2010.

    Katie’s Nana

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