Cabin fever on a rainy weekend


They say it never rains in southern California, so it was a perfect weekend for Livy to go out and play with her hula hoop!

And what better day for Max to build a bike track on the cul de sac and ride to his heart’s content!

Livy came prepared just in case the weather changed

We’re working on proper umbrella handling technique with her as it seemed to be in this position more often than over her head.

Astute viewers will notice that Wilson is missing from these photographs; proof once again that he’s smarter than all of us and knows that the best place to be on a rainy weekend is inside with a book.  And everyone can rest easy that Rudy was with him–warm and cozy inside the house having a lazy day.

Even though we’ve been home a lot longer than we imagined, the 28 weekends in the hospital are still fresh enough in memory that the simple fun found in a weekend at home isn’t lost on us.  Stay warm and dry!


5 Responses to “Cabin fever on a rainy weekend”

  1. Dawn Bettencourt Says:

    hula hoops are back again, also in Ct., a little scarry; at 62..seeing things come back.ha……everyone stay healthy, Nick’s Grandma

  2. Grace VanNortwick Says:

    That’s the spirit!!! But I think I’d rather stay in with Rudy and read him a story!

  3. the Zambranos Says:

    That’s my girl! Nice and wet, outside on a rainy day! A little bit princess, but a little bit redneck, too!

  4. Lyle and Jan Burden Says:

    Brrr!!! Where are their coats?? It rained here too, but it was COLD!!!

  5. Joann Saraceno Says:

    You guys are every kids dream parents: jumping off the roof into the pool and now playing and riding bikes in the rain! Do kids fight to have you ‘baby-sit” them? Press on.

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