Run, Grandpa, Run!


    Run, Grandpa, Run 002


 It was March of 1998 when Wilson attended his first “Grandpa Dick” road race in Santa Clara, CA sporting his “Run, Grandpa, Run” tshirt and very first pair of Nike running shoes!  (I’d like to know how many of my Dad’s races I attended over the years.)  Well, Olivia and I are headed to Kansas today for a little family reunion with my parents, brothers, sisters-in-law and some of my nieces and nephews to, you guessed it, run (or, in my case, WALK) a race with my Dad in Topeka. 

     When Dad was diagnosed with brain cancer in October (the same week Rudy was born), the plan for everyone to come home and cheer Dad on at the race was put on the calendar.  Because Rudy’s second open heart surgery was likely going to happen right about now, we didn’t think we’d be able to make it but when the Glenn was pushed back, I was suddenly freed up to go!!!  I hate that I have to leave Rolf and the boys at home but I’m grateful Olivia and I can be a part of such a special time to celebrate and embrace family.  It will be a quick trip…a total of 48 hours but we’ll be sure to pack it full of fun.

     Like Rudy, Grandpa Dick is proving himself strong in the face of a life-threatening condition.  So many of you have commited to pray for him and I thank you…I know my parents appreciate the prayerful support as well!  Recent MRIs have not detected any new cancer growth since his surgery in October and we praise God for allowing the exsisting cancer to be held a bay.

     Life’s twists and turns and the timing of it all, of late, are curious to me and yet I’m so grateful for the assurance that, ultimately, everything is going to be okay…BETTER than okay because God’s hand is guiding every twist and turn and each step, if I choose to trust and not fight to control it all,  is one closer to His best for me…His best for Rudy…His best for Gpa Dick, etc…you get the idea.  🙂    Alrighty, it’s time to go fly those friendly skies…

KU Hall of Famer and NCAA Champ :-)

KU Hall of Famer and NCAA Champ 🙂


9 Responses to “Run, Grandpa, Run!”

  1. Dawn & Steve Bettencourt Says:

    Safe travels for the girls…fun days for the boys…and prayers and well wishes for the grandpa!!

  2. Grace & Marlin Says:

    Bon voyage….and I concur….God’s ways are always “bon!”

    Hugs to Grandpa Dick from us!

  3. Donna Richards Says:

    Trish…Have a blessed time with your family!

  4. jane lynch Says:

    Run, Grandpa, run. What a blessing! Have fun. Love, Jane and Joe

  5. Oma+Opa Says:

    Run Dick run and All of you Wilsons run well!
    Blessings to ALL Oma + Opa

  6. Pat Says:

    I will be praying for all of you this weekend! And Run, Dick, Run! Good luck!

  7. kelly Says:

    I want you running woman and taking home the blue ribbon! I didn’t know that your Dad was such a famous runner; that is too cool. Have fun!

  8. Tatum Says:

    Have a wonderful trip! I wish we could be there to see you in person. Rudy looks so precious in all the pictures! Love, Tatum

  9. Two Super Stars « Rudy’s Beat Says:

    […] Two Super Stars By Trish I just had to post the following link to a radio interview my dad did this week.   If you have a minute, it’s a great interview for a wonderful cause.  Dad is participating in the Head for the Cure 5K Race/Walk ( on September 13th in Lawrence, KS in support of brain cancer research.  Although he will be starting a new chemotherapy regimen this month, his doctor has given him the go-ahead to participate with a few precautions in place.  Once again we cheer, “Run, Grandpa, Run”!!! […]

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