Save the Date!!! June 12th


We’ve been wanting to have a dedication/celebration/homecoming for Rudy ever since his first discharge from UCLA.  We even had a date scheduled in May until his unplanned re-admittance.  As unpredictable as life is on the Rudycoaster, we’re going to give it a try.

Perhaps a more formal or fancy invite will come together via the web or other media, but for now please save the date:

JUNE 12th, 6:30pm

Santa Barbara Community Church

1002 Cieneguitas Rd., Santa Barbara, CA 93110

On-site reception to follow.

As so many people have embraced our family and have been praying for Rudy, we’d love to gather together, celebrate him and pray for the twists and turns yet to come.  I hope any and all who feel so led will join us.  As best we could, we checked this date with Rudy and he seemed amenable, so here’s hoping he doesn’t get fickle and make his own plans.  We’re expecting to do the cath during the first week of June so we’re hoping to have this celebration before we embark on the Glenn.

Looking forward to celebrating God’s faithfulness to our family!


8 Responses to “Save the Date!!! June 12th”

  1. Allison & Mike Kenyon Says:

    We’re excited and sure hope to be there!

  2. Dawn Bettencourt Says:

    You will certainly be in our thoughts and prayers that special day, and until then, prayers for continuing good days, Nick’s Grandma

  3. Sarah Bradford Says:

    Awesome! Hope we can make it…

  4. kelly Says:

    Can’t wait!

  5. Marian Naretto Says:

    If we were not living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, we would love to join you. We will celebrate in our hearts with you on that day. How exciting.

    Katie’s Nana

  6. Kelly Soifer Says:

    So thankful that things seem to be moving forward, perhaps slowly, but steadily. Blessings on you.

  7. Arleen McGuire Says:

    If it’s good with Rudy it’s good with us!

  8. Sloan Says:

    Oh I hope we can make it up there!! So want to be a part of this time~

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