Trish just called to say she’s loaded and rolling!  OK, more specifically the car is loaded–I’ve learned I need to make these kind of things clear in the recovery community.

They are on the road and driving and WE CAN’T WAIT to have Rudy home.  Trish said Rudy is looking out the window with eyes wide open in wonder.

Yahoo!!!  Less fanfare than last time, but no less excitement.


12 Responses to “ROLLING!!!!”

  1. kelly Says:

    Sweet! Thanks for clearing up that thing about Trish being loaded and on the move; she is a wild woman! Thank the Good Lord that the Rudster is coming home.

  2. Oma + Opa Says:

    Thank the Lord!!!

  3. dONNA wOOLARD Says:

    Wow! Checking mid day. Love it. Prayers & Hugs to you all.

  4. Pat Says:

    Checking in and I am SO EXCITED for you! Prayers that all will go well.

  5. Stacy F Says:

    I have never commented and I read every day. I heard about Rudy from Bonnie Lisama and Grace.

    I am so happy Rudy is going home! I prayed he would be released even with the fires and the smoke!

    My prayers will contnue to be with Rudy and all of the family.
    Love to you all, Stacy

  6. amy fiorillo Says:

    YEAH!!!!!!! 🙂
    So, so happy for you guys!

  7. Tom & Jeannine Williams Says:

    Yahooooooo! We are so happy Rudy is going home to SB!!! Praise the Lord!

  8. Dawn Bettencourt Says:

    good news, hope all get a good nights sleep, Bless you, Dawn’s Mom

  9. Kathy Callen Keller Says:


    Ok…chances are you don’t remember me but I was a friend of your sister Cora in High School. I did a lot of the school plays with her. I do remember you. You were a freshman when I was a senior. 🙂

    I just connected with Kim Spader on facebook and she told me about your son after learning about mine. She suggested I contact you. My 12 year old son Garrett was born with HLHS. He completed his fontan surgeries years ago. He has a carepage at His page name is GarrettK.

    Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your wife. I have been there done that. I am happy to help in any way that I can.

    Kathy Callen Keller

  10. Alana Says:

    Yeah congrats love you all

  11. Dawn & Steve Bettencourt Says:

    So happy to hear the great news! How excited the family must be!

  12. Cindy Woodmansee Says:


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