Hold the Countdown



another curveball.

not today.

more later.

DRAT once more.


14 Responses to “Hold the Countdown”

  1. Deb Swirczynski Says:

    praying that it’s just a tiny glitch

  2. Kelly Says:

    Pardon my french, but CRAP!

  3. Lisa and Chris Says:

    I pray this will all go through today and you’ll get that little guy home where he belongs. You ARE in our prayers today! May you sense God’s care of you all.

  4. Cousin Dianna Says:

    Okay, so who leaked the word he was being discharged today? That little Rudy found out didn’t he?

  5. Andrea Says:

    OH that Mr. Rudy always has a trick up his sleve. He has some serious crushes on those nurses and he doesn’t want to go home. He missed them.

    Praying for you all. But CRAP, that stinks.

  6. Krista Stuerman Says:

    Double Drat!

  7. Grandma Jo Says:

    Not sure he should go to the Santa Barbara area with the wild fires–not good for anyone’s lungs. We will await the reason for this snag.

  8. Allison & Mike Kenyon Says:

    I’m disappointed with you! I watched the nurse/dr./etc. slideshow today. Those caring for Rudy have been the best, and the lyrics to that first song are great too! Those words helped me today; may they also help you in this latest snag in Rudy’s discharge.

  9. amy fiorillo Says:

    You did say “Friday”…..maybe he is even smarter than you think!
    Hoping that it is just a minor snag and that Rudy will get to be home with his brothers and sister VERY soon.

  10. Pat Says:

    I think Rudy has been reading your blog entries and he caught on to the Wednesday bit. Hope the glitch gets cleared up QUICKLY! Will be praying for all of you.

  11. Uncle Steve Says:

    Wanna make God laugh? Have a plan. Guess the same goes for Rudy.

  12. Kelly Soifer Says:

    Stuff like this (along with the SB fire) keeps reminding me to hold onto every day loosely. I am trying to spend each day not clinging to my own plans, but leaving my hands open to Him.

  13. Grace & Marlin Says:

    OH RATSNALLY!!!!!!
    (That’s our most effective family swear word).

    But God, we know you are good all the time…we’re just disappointed…

  14. KatyJulianMateoCruzLucy Says:

    Ratsnally is right.

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