Happy 7-month Birthday!

Rudy's first hair trim - just around the ears

Rudy's first hair trim - just around the ears

Sit still Rudy!

Sit still Rudy!

Good Boy!

Good Boy!

Today was much like yesterday…a day of rest and waiting.  It was, however, a day with a couple of firsts…Rudy’s first hair trim (around the ears) and Rudy’s first attempt at rice cereal.  I left for Santa Barbara before the cereal feed so Nurse Barbara sent me the pictures below.  So sweet!  ‘Prayin’ for good culture results tomorrow and a plan to bring Rudy home in the next few days.  We’ll keep you posted…
First bite

First bite

Not likin' it

Not likin' it

Happy 7-month Birthday Rudy!

Happy 7-month Birthday Rudy!


11 Responses to “Happy 7-month Birthday!”

  1. Cindy Woodmansee Says:

    Happy birthday handsome!

  2. Grace & Marlin Says:

    Happy Birthday! Happy Haircut! and Happy Cereal to you Rudykins!!! We’ll be praying for a happy homecoming next week!!!!

  3. Bonnie Lisama Says:

    Yeah! Seven months old, and real food too. You’ll learn to love it.
    Praying for another trip home very soon.
    Hugs and kisses.

  4. Carol Krehbiel Says:

    Before you know it you won’t be able to keep enough food in the house to fill Rudy and his brothers and sister! I wonder what his favorites will be – pizza? tacos? Do I hear a Double Double Animal Style??????

  5. Dawn Bettencourt Says:

    Trish, looks like you gave haircuts before. Rudy’s coloring is looking good, let’s hope that is a good sign and a speedy trip home. prayers, Dawn’s Mom

  6. Pat Says:

    Rudy does not look too sure about that cereal! Bet he would prefer a real hamburger! And those days are just ahead. Praying for a good, restful weekend with Dad in charge.

  7. Uncle Alex and family Says:

    Rudy, I agree that rice cereal isn’t all the exciting, but it builds character!

  8. Cousin Dianna Says:

    Rudy you look SO good! Nice haircut! Let’s hear it for rice cereal. I think it’s time to go home to Santa Barbara again. Happy 7 month Mr. Clinton Rudolph Geyling! Good report on culture tests in the name of Jesus! Love, Cousin Dianna

  9. Sarah Bradford Says:

    Happy 7 Months darling Rudy! Lots of love! Prayers and kisses!

  10. Grandma Jo Says:

    Seven is a good number introducing 7 more months of upward movement on the development scale. You are one tough little guy, Rudy. We are proud of you–keep up the good fight. Hope to see you soon.

  11. Allison & Mike Kenyon Says:

    Rudy almost appears to be SMILING upon having his hair trimmed. It just gets better, Rudy! Can’t wait til you’re home in Santa Barbara with your family! We’re praying for you and hoping you’re recovering well!

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