Rudy has left the building!!!


We are glad to announce that we are now, at 2:50pm, on the road home with Rudy! Praise God!


12 Responses to “Rudy has left the building!!!”

  1. amy fiorillo Says:


  2. Cousin Dianna Says:


  3. Naretto Family Says:

    And Rudy gets to sleep in HIS bed tonight! Hooray!

  4. Chelsea Says:

    I’m going to guess that there is some super slow, two hands on the wheel, defensive driving going on right now!

    Go Rudy Go! You are going to love Santa Barbara!

  5. Bonnie Lisama Says:

    Yeah. Enjoy your drive home!

  6. David & Sherry Sanders Says:

    WOW I have tears in my eyes of JOY JOY JOY!!! It is so unbelievable, but real as real can get!!! Don’t have any words just tears of joy.

  7. Diana Says:

    If I had palm branches, I’d be wavin’ ’em bigtime! Hosanna and hallelujah! I cannot imagine a better time than right now for this particular miracle to be happening. Enjoy, enjoy.


  8. Logan, Kaelee, Emma, Brett and Rayme Says:

    GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!! Im all tingly!! yeah yeah yeah!!!

  9. Lisa from SB Trinity Lutheran Church Says:

    As much as I enjoy getting these daily updates, I’m praying you can turn your entire focus to your family who will be altogether in Goleta (though occasional updates for all of Rudy’s fans would be nice). Peace and blessings to the entire family.

  10. Sarah Bradford Says:

    Hopefully the traffic will open up for you and part like the Red Sea! You’re almost there my friends! Rudy is breaking out!

  11. Marian Naretto Says:

    Your announcement took my breath away. HURRAH!!!!

  12. Liz Horvath Says:

    Trish and Rolf
    I am so so happy this morning! I hope your elevator ride was special as you bring your son home. I am literally crying as I write this. You all deserve only the best. This is the best Easter present ever!!! Thinking of you in CT! I will spread the word at work today! love liz

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