Waiting for what Monday will bring


Again a pretty calm day here with very little to report.  Livy and I enjoyed our weekend together and we were especially encouraged by a number of visitors.  Rudy has been very calm today and his numbers look good.  While he had a little fussy spell this morning (what baby doesn’t), he’s settled down for the rest of it so we haven’t messed with him much.  At some point this afternoon, we must have shifted his position a bit because the nurses and I have now gotten a taste for the recurring vent alarm that made Trish contemplate making an adjustment to the machine with a shotgun.

Livy and I had a fun time hanging out with Rudy.  She took a break from playing with nurses to play in the hospital playroom and we enjoyed two meals at her favorite place (Socko’s Subs).  While we were planning on driving back together about now, as the plan for Monday isn’t clear, I’m staying around for at least the evening (if not the night).  So, our friends Bob and Janet were kind enough to take along a weepy passenger on their way back to SB from Oceanside.

As it stands now, Rudy is on the surgery schedule for 10am tomorrow (Monday).  No infection has presented itself so right now there’s nothing in his condition that is changing plans.  Perhaps one of the other cases they mentioned to us will still show up to bump us from the schedule, but as far as Dr. Lee could determine, he’s on the schedule so until we hear different that’s the plan.  If surgery’s on, I’ll stick around and we’ll be keeping you posted in any case.


15 Responses to “Waiting for what Monday will bring”

  1. Dawn & Steve Bettencourt Says:

    Prayers from CT for a quiet night for you and Rudy…as well as a successful surgery tomorrow morning.

  2. Bonnie Lisama Says:

    Glad to hear you had fun with your sister and dad this weekend. Will be praying for a great day tomorrow.
    hugs and kisses.

  3. Donna Woolard Says:

    Love and prayers for a you all.

  4. Uncle Alex and family Says:

    We are praying for a successful day tomorrow!

  5. KatyJulianMateoCruzLucy Says:

    Rudy have a great day tomorrow, no matter what it brings. We’ll be praying you can get this surgery over with tomorrow, though!

  6. Cheryl Says:

    He’s gonna be strong; you’re gonna be strong!

  7. Dawn Bettencourt Says:

    prayers for everything to go well and strength for all of you, HLHS grandma

  8. Steve Wilson Says:

    Thinking of you all often and praying for the right timing on surgery and continued preparations for the transfer home! Spent last evening with G’ma and G’pa in Lawrence…all good on the homefront there.

    Love you all!

  9. Pat Says:

    I have a crashing computer and an ancient laptop for backup, but my prayers for y’all continue even if I don’t get the latest updates. I am praying for the surgery today–and also for your family!!

  10. Grandma Jo Says:

    God Bless You through another surgery, little one. Thinking of you, Rolf and Trish. Glad you can both be with Rudy today.

  11. Voss Family Says:

    hi, rolf. hank had hoped to visit you yesterday, but was lying around sick for most of the weekend, so that plan was aborted…will give it a try again soon!

    looking forward to seeing trish tonight. will wait to see what happens with the little guy today…

    big hugs for all the kids.
    johanna (for all)

  12. scmomof4 Says:

    We are all praying for Rudy, your family and the surgical team.

  13. Tanya Obregon Says:

    I am praying for you little Rudy!! It was such a treat to see you and your mommy on Friday!! God bless you and know that your heavenly father is in control of everything that is going on!!


  14. Logan, Kaelee, Emma, Brett and Rayme Says:

    Keeping you in our thoughts and close to our hearts. We are with you during this in spirit. We love you all and send our strength to you and Rudy! He is so close to coming home!! Good luck with the surgery! Go Rudy Go!!!

  15. John Roberts Says:

    I hope Rudy was able to make it to surgery today. Continuing to watch you guys from here on the East Coast.

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