A Rainy Winter Day in L.A.

Where's my thumb?

Where's my thumb?



Wanna find it!

Wanna find it!







Lovin' the cuddle time!

Lovin' the cuddle time!

Finally, after several days of summer weather, we got some much-needed rain today.  I enjoyed walking back from lunch in a little down pour.  Rudy did well all day.  He started sprinting again and tolerated two 1-hour sprints like a pro.  After lunch, we settled down for a nice “rainy day” cuddle time that lasted about 3 hours during which he did a sprint, endured a straight cath for a urine sample and a RT treatment…again like a pro.  The immunology folks stopped by to review Rudy’s history and begin their own records on his case as we will have a long term relationship with their department.  In the future, our follow-up trips to UCLA will involve a few appointments with the various departments that will need to monitor Rudy’s condition.  Immunology will be one of them and with the onset of a few infections this week, it seems now is a good time to get them on board specifically.  I’m headed back to SB tonight so I can spend the day with my folks tomorrow before they leave for their home in Kansas on Saturday.  I hate to leave the sweet little one but thankfully he is asleep…it’s always so much easier to leave when he is asleep.  No doubt he’ll have a long string of his nurse, RT and Dr. friends dropping in to check on him tomorrow so he certainly won’t be alone…I can’t express enough how thankful Rolf and I are for the many capable and loving hands that have cared for our son and continue to express their love and care for him whether they are assigned to him or dropping by on their break!  We are so blessed.
Bright-eyed after our cuddle time

Bright-eyed after our cuddle time




12 Responses to “A Rainy Winter Day in L.A.”

  1. Uncle Alex and family Says:

    Very sweet and handsome boy. Glad he is doing so well!

  2. Logan, Kaelee, Emma, Brett and Rayme Says:

    YAH look at the hair!! woo hoo im lovin it! I bet some of the doctors around there are jealous (dr. skinny andy) anyways glad to see him acting like a baby. hes so awesome. Go Rudy Go!!

  3. Bonnie Lisama Says:

    Great news Rudy keep up the good work.
    LOVE the Hair too.
    Still praying for you.
    hgs and kisses.

  4. Kim Lawler Says:

    who wouldn’t want some cuddle time with that precious bundle! oh my goodness. great pictures today.

  5. Lisa and Chris Says:

    What great news that Rudy handled his sprints so well today…and he looked so serene in the pictures! May he continue to glide through the sprints, and get that tube out of his face so he can find that thumb!

    Still praying…and sending you all loads of love! Enjoy your day with your parents, Trish!

  6. Frame Says:

    Dang!! Great to see that Rudy has my hair line…..keeping the prayers going in Oregon……

  7. David & Sherry Sanders Says:

    Hi so nice to see Rudy so alert and very handsome. Still praying and love you. You are such a great mom (and Dad). See you soon

  8. the Zambranos Says:

    What a beautiful boy… and so much hair!!! It sounds like Rudy is really improving!!! Yeah! We miss you guys! Think about you all the time!

  9. Marian Naretto Says:

    Loved seeing cuddle time. What a sweetheart!

    With love,
    Katie’s Nana

  10. Cousin Dianna Says:

    Rudy, you are so precious! I know those cuddle times with your Mommy are so special. Continuing to stand for Rudy’s breathing and improvement. Love to all, Dianna

  11. Heather Reed Says:

    That thumb sucking is SOOOO cute! I can’t wait to see a picture of him and those adorable cheeks when the white tape doesn’t interfere anymore! Go Rudy, GO!!!

  12. Prayer Warrior Says:

    Go Rudy GO!! Oh sweetie, you are SO close! I hope and pray you will be vent-free soon! Think how much easier it will be to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy!

    Much Love to you!

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