A number we like to see dropping…


I just have time for a quick post as I had a hard time putting Rudy back in the bed so I can make the drive home. At nine this morning, we broke through the “20 barrier” as the ventilator rate was turned down to 18. He’s been handling it well–alert for long stretches, sleeping peacefully while breathing comfotably and maintaining a good level of oxygen saturation. As many have told us they pray for Rudy every night after they get the blog e-mail around 9pm, you might remember that this is also when a vent step comes so you can pray specifically for Rudy to continue the good progress he’s making.

As hard as it is to leave Rudy when I just want to keep on cheering him on, I’m going to go get Wilson the two dozen Diddy Reese cookies I promised him and then make it home in time for some basketball with Max before dark. It’s back to school tomorrow. Not sure how much this will be celebrated at our house tonight.


8 Responses to “A number we like to see dropping…”

  1. Donna Woolard Says:

    Best news yet! Love to Rudy and his most precious family.

  2. oma+opa Says:

    Dearest little One, keep up the breathing and sleep tight with angels around your crip,
    and those special angels, the nurses.
    Praying for you and that the school day tomorrow will be a good one for the older ones.
    Special hugs and Bussi Oma+ Opa

  3. Uncle Alex and family Says:

    Yeah Rudy!!!

  4. Pat Says:

    Praying for Rudy’s breathing as I prepare to sleep this evening.

  5. Cousin Dianna Says:

    Good news again! God is good! Continuing to stand for Rudy’s breathing, clear lungs and for him to receive nutrition well. Love, Cousin Dianna XOXO P.S. Will send Christmas pictures soon.

  6. Alana Says:

    Keep up the good work my little friend. Love you

  7. Logan, Emma and Rayme Says:

    Yahoo! We love that you have broken the 20. Rudy is such an amazing little guy. He has so much fight in him. I am inspired by him and all that he is accomplishing. You are the best cheerleaders he has! GO TEAM GEYLING!!!

  8. Andrea, Maya, and Kyra Says:

    Go Rudy, go Rudy! We love you,
    your cousins and auntie cheering you on from Boston

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