10-30-08 pics


“Papa” and his mommy Robin…our new friends in the unit who got to go home today!








Our little beanie-boy!  Thanks to Logan’s grandma down the hall, we have another stylish hat with which to charm all the nurses!


7 Responses to “10-30-08 pics”

  1. The Groves Family Says:

    What a cute little hat ! And he is bright eyes, again !
    He’s getting stronger and stronger !! 🙂
    Hang tight, Rudy, until you get to go home !
    Faith and Richard Groves

  2. Maria Says:

    What a handsome little guy! Can’t wait to meet him in person! Praying for a peaceful day today with some good steps forward.

  3. Nicole Kane Says:

    What an awesome picture beanie boy! It may be time to change the picture on the banner again – Rudy has changed so much in the last 4 weeks. Birthday greetings from Katie’s friends in Connecticut. Trish our prayers are that you get to keep changing those sheets!

  4. Tatum Says:

    The hat is adorable!! What beautiful eyes Rudy has..Who do you think he looks like? Love, Tatum/Daniel

  5. Uncle Steve Says:

    That hat looks like something Grammy would have made…I’m sure she’s smilin’ at Rudy!!

    Praying that today will be a good day and that progress will be made toward vent-freedom! Free Rudy!!!

    PS – Not trying to rile up any impatience on anyone’s part here, but, God does like persistent prayer!!

  6. Uncle Alex and family Says:

    What is Rudy’s costume? A generic bear?

  7. Jeannine Williams Says:

    Rudy is adorable! Katy e-mailed me about Rudy. Trish, we are praying for you all! Love the cute beanie! Sure love you, my friend.
    Jeannine Baldwin Williams

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