Mr. Bright Eyes

post-op pic

post-op pic


4 Responses to “Mr. Bright Eyes”

  1. KatyJulianMateoCruzLucy Says:

    Oh my gosh what a beautiful baby – “I LOVE him!”…(Raising Arizona) Seriously, that picture has stolen my heart. I prayed for him at my Bible study tonight, and about three other women jumped on the bandwagon right after me and prayed, completely taken by his story. He is so wonderful. This family is keeping your’s in regular prayer.

  2. Laurie Wilson Says:

    That is one beautiful baby!!!

  3. Kelly Says:

    He looks like a little man! I can already tell that this is one cool kid. Rolf, I love all of your song titles for your blog titles. Those songs have now officially been added to my “jukebox tarets disorder”. 🙂

  4. Gonzales Family Says:

    What a wonderful day, and great pictures!

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