Just Got In


It’s 2:30 and they let us in to see Rudy about 15 min ago.  He’s looking a little pale compared to his color before the surgery and has a lot more tubes around him. The next 48 hrs will be very critical and there is a team led by nurses Faye and Mary working constantly around him. They say the vitals are very good, some blood gas numbers that just came back are perfect.


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21 Responses to “Just Got In”

  1. Uncle Steve Says:

    Way to go, Rudy!! Way to go, Trish and Rolf!! We made it home and are glad to know that every thing is going as well as it can. Knowing the next few days are critical, we’ll be praying for you all and trusting in God’s perfect plan for Rudy and the family!

    PS – For Wilson, Max and Olivia – way to go, too, you guys!!!

  2. David & Sherry Sanders Says:

    We have an awesome God who works on our behalf in all of our situations…..May you be blessed. Rudy seems to be a little fighter….I imagine God has quite the plan for this little guy…..As you put all your trust in him he will lead….God bless you both……..Love and hugs

  3. Steve Smith Says:

    Everytime I glance down and see my “Rudy bracelet” I say another silent prayer. I am looking forward to meet-ing the newest addition of your family. “Jesus loves the little children.” My God grace all of you.Now He has Rudy to watch over, and I know He will. God bless you.

  4. Allison & Mike Kenyon Says:

    Go Rudy! Praying for you Rolf and Trish. And praying for Wilson, Max, Olivia, and Rolf’s parents. Praying you get a little bit of rest. Praise God for this good news!

  5. reibwo Says:

    Go Rudy!

  6. Kenon Says:

    What a day for your family… I am praying for you as I head over to church to share God’s presence in my life- including the cancer battles- what a mysterious and LOVING god we have… Love to your family… we can’t wait to meet your newest miracle of His presence!

  7. Dawn & Steve Bettencourt Says:

    Rolf and Trish,
    Our hearts and prayers go out to you as Rudy pushes through this critical time… Prayers for your family too!

    Dawn Bettencourt
    Mom to Nick HLHS age 9

  8. Uncle Alex and family Says:

    We are all praying in Kentucky as well as our church. After telling Tori that the surgery went well, she said “Rudy will grow up big like me and grownups.” We love you!

  9. Michelle Manley Says:

    So glad for good reports thus far! We’re cheering you all on from Northern California…

  10. Rich and Lori Says:

    Rich and I have been praying for you yesterday and throughout today. Thank you so much for your faithfulness in posting the blogs and keeping us abreast of how everything is going. We check it often. I truly can’t read anything without tears welling up in my eyes by the time I get to the end of an entry. We love you guys. May the God of peace, comfort, and strength surround your with Himself.

  11. Sloan Says:

    Daniel and I are reading this tonight and thanking God for His hand upon Rudy today during surgery. Please know we will continue to pray!!! We love you guys.

  12. Tera Yamasaki Says:

    Such great news that the surgery went well! Our family has you all in our thoughts and prayers, your dad included Trish!
    Love from the Yamasaki family John, Tera, Jake, Will & Jessica

  13. Hank and Cindy Says:

    Thanks for keeping us in the loop. We’ll keep praying for little Rudy and the whole Geyling/Wilson family. Hang in there!

  14. Rich and Natalie Franks Says:

    We’re so glad the surgery went well! We will continue to pray for Rudy, for you both, for the kids, and the faithful grandparents, not to mention for Trish’s parents, as we know Dick’s surgery will be tomorrow. We love you!

    Thank you for all the updates!

  15. Bonnie & Bill Lisama Says:

    We are so thrilled to hear such good news today about Rudy. We will keep praying for Rudy and the whole family. I have asked my family and friends to pray as well.

    We are also praying for Trish’s dad as well.

    I saw the great back to school phhoto of the big kids and I can’t believe how much they have grown since we saw them last

    Hugs and kisses to all.

  16. Joe & Angie Lynch Says:

    Your honest sharing of your hearts and souls and fierce love for your children move us deeply. We see our Lord in you, stand with you in faith and ask our Father in heaven to uphold you all in His love and strength.

    Peace in Christ, Joe & Angie

  17. Linda H. Says:

    crying and smiling at the same time – so very glad that things went so well…and so now we pray that everything, every detail, continues to go well….both for Rudy and for Trish’s dad…
    it’s sometimes the waiting that hardest.

    with much love…

  18. Kelly Says:

    Rolf, your blogs touch me so and I love the pure honesty in which you write. Makes me cry and makes me smile, too. Praying for you all. Rudy sounds like such a little fighter, with so much spirit. Thank you for keeping us all posted with what is going on and know that you all are in our hearts, minds, and prayers.

  19. Joe and Jen Says:

    Praying and praying, we love you guys madly and are for anything. Thanks for updates and know that you are very cared for.

    See you soon!

    Joe and Jen

  20. Lin Richardson Says:

    Thank you for the regular updates. Our hearts and minds are on nothing else. Prayers come constantly!

  21. Lisa and Chris Says:

    Trish and Rolf,

    How we praise God for the good report after surgery! We are constantly thinking of you all and praying without ceasing! Trish, your Women’s Bible Study group prayed for you today. We are all with you in spirit–we love and miss you! We’re also praying for your parents in their surgery journey today, and for Rolf’s parents, holding down the fort here in SB.

    Blessings for a steady week for Rudy–may he grow and improve with each passing hour! Amen!

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